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A collection of marketing and advertising news and notes along with news about OEPMA and our many passions.

After The Marketing Conference: Take It Easy

Marketing conferences are great. An organized event that allows business owners to really get to the meat and potatoes of their marketing efforts. You’re able to learn from your peers, experts and create long lasting relationships. There is however a

Avoid Goofy Numbers in Sports Stock Photos and Videos

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is in full swing, so every company in the nation is trying to get in on the hype for some sweet eyeballs on their brand. Creative teams, both in-house and agency, are downloading basketball stock images

Is “Brand” a Bunch of Horseshit?

Short answer: No, it’s not a bunch of horseshit, but a business’ brand is 100% up to them and their employees. A brand cannot be magically constructed in a lab by an advertising or branding agency. Long Answer: “Brand” is one

Reasons Not To Advertise: Your Intake Process Is Awful

If a business owner is ready to take their business to the next level, advertising is often the first place they look to spend some coin. But is their business optimally prepared for the rush of clients or customers advertising

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