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What Promotional Products Should I Order For My Business?

Promotional items, we have found, are a very polarizing topic within the marketing/business owner world. We have found that most business owners are on one extreme side of the spectrum.  You have your first group who hate promotional products. They

Two Goals You Should Have For Your Event Marketing

If your business is dipping its toe into event marketing, you must devise a plan. Event marketing examples include conferences, festivals, fairs, community events, 5Ks, etc. Basically, anything your business sponsors or pays money to be physically present at the

You Are Not Your Customer or Client

After helping business owners with their marketing over the years, we have identified a fatal mistake that sometimes takes place. Before we get into it, we want to preface it by saying this isn’t every business owner. It’s not even

How To Take Your Referrals To The Next Level

There is no secret, the best way to get referrals is to straight up ask for them. Oh, by the way, if you, a friend or family member needs marketing or advertising help, OEPMA is here to help and we

What Is The Goal of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is generally one of the more difficult concepts to get across to clients. At first blush, many don’t really grasp what goal is trying to be accomplished. Instead of a blog post filled with theories or studies conducted

After The Marketing Conference: Take It Easy

Marketing conferences are great. An organized event that allows business owners to really get to the meat and potatoes of their marketing efforts. You’re able to learn from your peers, experts and create long lasting relationships. There is however a

Avoid Goofy Numbers in Sports Stock Photos and Videos

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is in full swing, so every company in the nation is trying to get in on the hype for some sweet eyeballs on their brand. Creative teams, both in-house and agency, are downloading basketball stock images

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