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Digital Advertising FAQ

What is digital advertising?

The term digital advertising is a huge umbrella. There are a lot channels working within that space, so let’s start out with a decently comprehensive list of what falls under that umbrella. We’d also like to note here “digital advertising” is interchangeable with the terms “online advertising” and “digital marketing”:

Google Ads
Bing Ads
Pay-Per-Click Ads
Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Mobile App Advertising
Digital Video Advertising
OTT Advertising
Social Media Advertising
E-Mail Marketing

Boiled down, digital advertising, at least in our world, is merely paying to get your message on the internet or in digital form. It seems simple enough, but from the list above, it can get confusing pretty quickly.

You don’t need all of those to be successful. Well, maybe if you’re an insurance company with a billion-dollar-plus advertising budget, but 99% of businesses do not need more than a few of these to start and get some business rolling in.

The digital advertising breakdown.

Let’s hash out that list from the section above:

Google Ads, Bing Ads, Pay-Per-Click, Search Advertising
Utilizing the power and data of search engines to get your name and digital properties (website and landing pages) in front of people. Google Ads is predominantly based on keywords that fit what your audience would be searching for when they may need your product or service.

If you are a pet grooming company, you’d want to get your listing to the top of Google or Bing when someone searched “dog grooming” or “dog nail clipping” into either search engine.

Display Advertising, Mobile App Ads
Placing graphic ads across the internet and mobile apps based on age, sex, interests, keyword, content, and affinity and in-market audiences.

YouTube/Video Advertising
Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google? It pays to have your content there. You can either show up when people search, or you can also key up videos by demographic factors that fit what you need.

Serving ads in graphic or video form after a person has visited your site. Also known as retargeting. It allows you to reconnect with someone who has taken a general action on your website.

OTT Television Advertising
This is a mix of old and new. Old being the television and new being the way we watch it through streaming devices. OTT Television (also known as “connected television advertising”) allows you to place your ads on an app like Hulu, PlutoTV, MLBtv, and thousands more.

Broadcast television buys allow you to purchase spots in programs, giving you a buckshot approach to hitting your demographic. OTT will enable you to buy impressions within specific demographics and don’t rely on programs. For this reason, OTT will come with a higher cost per thousand due to the more detailed targeting.

Social Media Advertising (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads)
Using the power of established social media platforms and their data to reach out to potential customers and clients by using video, graphics, articles, gifs, and content. You can also remarket or retarget people who have visited your website on these platforms.

How does digital advertising help me get business?

There are billions of search engine queries a day. The average person spends five-plus hours on their phone or “online” a day. Each year they watch less and less traditional television. They are watching more and more digital videos on sites like YouTube.

People are migrating to a digital world. Not everyone is there yet, and that’s fine, but they are moving there very fast. With a well thought out digital strategy, you can get into a fistfight with the competitors who may laugh at your yearly marketing budget. We don’t laugh. There is nothing we love more than taking an underdog and making the big dogs begin to sweat. We love it. We live for it.

As we previously stated, you most likely do not need to dive in and do every single digital channel from the start. That would be the worst strategy we could think of unless you had the budget.

In conclusion, if you’re not exploring digital marketing opportunities, you’re going to get passed up soon. The market will be saturated, and it will be harder to compete. It gets harder every single day.

How can OEPMA help me with my digital advertising?

We have managed millions of dollars in digital advertising for clients. Most of that came in one of the most cutthroat, competitive industries in America. The legal industry. We’ve seen it all. We’re battle-tested, but we’re not overconfident because digital marketing best practices change almost weekly, if not daily.

It all starts with research about your industry, your competition, and your audience. Once we have the data, we build complex and detailed digital campaigns that entice your audience to learn more and convert into a paying customer or client.

The key to an excellent digital campaign is tempering bloat. Especially campaigns that involve keywords. Campaigns that involve simple demographic factors are not immune. This is where we excel with research by defining your audience and setting up negative keywords, which about just as important as your main keywords, to let the right people in and keep the waste out.

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