Ben Cochran

CEO + Founder

Benjamin T. Cochran founded OEPMA in 2014 to serve as the in-house marketing and media buying agency for his injury and civil litigation law firm that helps clients across North Carolina.

Cochran also owns a commercial real estate company and a horse-breeding farm based in Wake Forest, NC.

As a multi-business owner, he is very familiar with the role that marketing and advertising play in advancing a company. After years of having multiple agencies tend to his businesses, he decided to throw his hat in the ring and start an agency. An agency that would excel at addressing the problems he faced in day-to-day operations with his portfolio of businesses.

“When agencies would try to get my business, many of them would approach me with a cookie-cutter system. It was always, “Well, this worked here in this city, so it’s got to work for you, too.” I’m not against systems, but many times it just felt like they wanted to cram their system down our throats. That’s the main reason I started OEPMA,” Cochran explained.

“As an attorney, I’ve handled legal situations for folks all across North Carolina. I can tell you with certainty that there is a difference between people who live in zip codes 50 miles apart. Different culture. Different mindset. Speaking on marketing and advertising, we understand, yes, there have to be systems to distribute. But where agencies lost me was when creative was a carbon copy. It didn’t make much sense and never really worked when we occasionally tried it,” Cochran added.

When OEPMA ventured out from in-house status to serving clients in 2018, the goal was simple; increase their client’s bottom line.

“Getting to know our client’s needs is essential. We’re tenacious with researching and providing our clients with what they need instead of constantly trying to pack on more services that will only serve our bottom line. Yes, we’re a business. Yes, our goal is to make money, but it will never be at the detriment of a client’s bottom line,” Cochran stated.

Cochran earned his undergrad degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his JD from Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University.

He resides in Wake Forest, NC, with his wife, two kids, horses, and dogs.

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