Streaming Television Advertising

Be there when your people stream.

Streaming TV Ad Services

People huddling up around a TV in the living room at a specific time to watch a television program is in decline. People are watching shows when they want on their own schedule. No worries, with Streaming Advertising, you can be there with them, and OEPMA can help you get in front of those who fit your customer profile.

Streaming Television Advertising FAQ

What is Streaming Television Advertising?

A quick note: Streaming TV Advertising may also be referred to as OTT Advertising or Connected TV Advertising. 

While linear TV comes on at a certain time and channel, Streaming Television is consumed on the viewers time schedule on a connected electronic device. The electronic device can be a game console, SmartTV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Stick, Apple TV, mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

On these devices, people can download apps and watch popular content through and internet stream as opposed to a traditional broadcast signal, cable box, or satellite dish.

Streaming Advertising allows businesses to place ads within this streaming content.

What are benefits of Streaming Television Advertising?

The TV world is changing. People have busy lives, and they’re not always at the house or around a TV when their shows initially air on TV. Streaming Television allows viewers to watch the shows when they have the time. For this reason, its viewership is growing.

The most significant benefit of Streaming TV Advertising is its ability to target. With traditional television buys, you place ads on programs hoping that program draws in the demographic you need to get business. Streaming Television allows you to purchase that demographic, and your advertisements follow them to whatever they watch.

Due to this ability to pinpoint a target, Streaming Television comes with a higher CPM than most broadcast or cable television buys. Still, you’re not wasting any resources on people outside of what you need.

Another great benefit of Streaming TV is the ability to control your budget. Traditional TV buys involve purchasing programs well into the future, and it’s mostly like placing a bet that you’ll get the audience that you were promised from the TV station.

With Streaming Television Advertising, you can essentially turn it on and turn it off. As we mentioned above, wasteful spending is minimal. Your ads will always be seen by qualified viewers if the campaign is correctly set up. You don’t have to worry about a large percentage of your budget being thrown out the window. Is it perfect? Nothing in advertising is perfect, but it’s much better for reaching a target market than broadcast or cable. 

What apps / networks will advertisements be placed on?

This is a question we receive every time we talk to clients about Streaming Television. To be honest, it doesn’t matter. You’re not buying a network. You’re not buying shows. You’re buying an audience. You’re buying data. 

By way of signing up for these apps, there is data that leads back to the viewer.

If you’re wanting to target 30 year old males with high incomes, then it may be on a sports show or it could be on a cooking show. What matters is that they have been designated as in their 30s, male and high income earners. Not that they’re watching a certain show. 

Additionally, you may be buying an affinity someone has via keywords or content they’re looking at online. 

For example, if someone begins researching patios, you can have a Streaming TV campaign to begin showing streaming ads for your patio services in the geo-area you designate.

Simply, there is a lot you can do with Streaming Television Ads that you cannot do with broadcast or cable.   

But to answer the question we’re currently running campaigns where ads are showing on HGTV, ESPN, A&E, BET, TNT, TBS, NFL Network, FS1, PlutoTV, MLB TV, and many others.

Would an Streaming Television Campaign help my business grow?

Yes. We feel that Streaming TV Advertising is a great solution for businesses to get the word out to their geo area about their business.

If you’re an owner of a business and have ever thought about placing ads on broadcast or cable television but never pulled the trigger, Streaming TV might be a perfect start for you.

If you’re currently running broadcast, cable, or satellite ads, then we recommend that you add some OTT to your mix to stay ahead of your competition and catch an audience who may have totally cut the cord. 

What is an example of a Streaming Television Advertising campaign?

We’re glad you asked.

Let’s say you own a local music supply store in a decent sized town and you’re tired of the music big dogs taking all the customers away. 

You could start a campaign with a 30 second video welcoming people to your store to check out your guitar inventory. 

In the campaign you can set up a certain keywords that will allow the campaign to deploy if they search the term or read information online. 

Off the top of our heads a keyword like “best guitar for beginners.” If someone types that in or reads information online that is relevant to that keyword then, there you are welcoming them to come in and check some guitars out.

You might not own a guitar shop, but just sit back and think about how that would apply to your business. Schedule a call with us, we’ll come up with some ideas quick for you.