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Not all clicks are equal! Quality matters, and you want the most qualified people landing on your website. OEPMA can help craft useful Pay-Per-Click campaigns that will help your business grow.

PPC Management FAQ

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Pay-Per-Click is a type of digital advertising model. You pay a certain amount of money when a viewer clicks your advertisement. The amount of money you pay is based on a bid that is set on how much you’re willing to pay to get someone to your web property.

What are different types of pay-per-click ads?

Search Ads
A majority of the time, when someone asks us about pay-per-click, they are referring to search advertising. Search Advertising is when someone visits a search engine such as Google or Bing and enters a query into the search bar. When the results are displayed for the search, there are ads at the top of the search.

These ads are displayed because an advertiser has bid on a word within the search query.

For more information, visit our Search Advertising page.

Display Ads
Display ads are graphic ads that are displayed on a desktop and mobile browser. They can also be displayed within apps. Many factors go into the display of these ads, including demographics, keywords, and previous internet surfing activity.

You may have also heard of these referred to as “banner ads.”

For more information, please view our Display Advertising page.

Why do I need someone to manage pay-per-click campaigns for me?

If you’re not well versed in PPC, it can get confusing very fast, and you can lose money very quickly. Relying on someone who has experience running successful campaigns and paying them a fee for their work will many times save you not only money but a headache.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are not something that is set once and forgotten. They require daily and weekly care to keep ROIs at a suitable level. Someone with experience knows how to craft a PPC campaign that will work for your business.

When someone clicks on my ad, who am I paying?

It depends on where your account is set up. Google and its product, Google Ads, is the leader in the market. Microsoft has a similar product named Bing Ads. There are also many other ad networks such as Ad Roll, Amazon, and BuySellAds.

When your ad is clicked, you’re paying a combination of the ad network and the website, app, or video producer.

Would Facebook, Twitter and Instagram be considered pay-per-click?

Yes, they would also be considered Pay-Per-Click. Since these platforms only serve ads within their platform, we have created a page just for them.

Check out the Social Media Advertising page for more information.