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Boost your brand through online video.

Digital Video Ad Services

People are watching more and more online video. That means more opportunity to get in front of people with your information. OEPMA can help place your video ads to the right segments to boost your brand and the bottom line.

Digital Video Advertising FAQ

What is digital video advertising?

Digital video advertising is the act of taking branded videos and paying ad networks to run these ads on popular videos across the internet.

While there are many different ad networks, YouTube is the largest in the market.

How do YouTube Ads work?

All of the organization for YouTube Ads takes place in Google Ads. You build your campaigns, set bids, and see your results within the Google Ads network.

You select videos that you would like to run, and YouTube must approve them. These ads also must be uploaded to YouTube but can be unlisted within your account.

Can I only run ads on YouTube through Google Ads?

No. Google Ads also allows for your video to appear on websites that have partnered with Google and mobile apps. You can choose not to have your ads show up on partner websites and mobile sites if you want a YouTube only ad campaign.

What are Google Partner websites?

Google Partner Websites are sites that are approved by Google. They team up with Google and offer video ad space. When someone interacts with an ad on their site, Google pays them.

We’ve run many video campaigns, and these sites include local news television stations, national news stations, popular sports websites, and pop culture websites.

What kind of ads are played on YouTube, partner websites and mobile apps?

Here are the five types of ads you can run:

Skippable In-Stream Ads
These ads can play before, during, or after videos on YouTube, partner websites, or mobile apps. After 5 seconds, the user has the option to skip the ad.

Payment Formats
Cost Per View (CPV): you pay when someone views the duration of your ad or interacts with it (clicks through to you landing page)

Cost Per Thousand (CPM): You pay based off 1,000 impressions (not full views) of your ad.

These ads play before, during, or after videos on YouTube, partner websites, or mobile apps. These ads are 15 seconds or less and cannot be skipped.

Payment Formats:
Target CPM: You set a dollar amount of how much you’re willing to pay per 1,000 impressions of your ad.

Discovery Ads
These types of ads are not auto-played to the viewer but offered for viewing depending on their YouTube search queries and the kinds of videos they are currently watching.

Payment Formats:
You will be charged when a viewer clicks to view your ad, which will be based on a bid that you set.

Outstream Ads
These type of ads are mobile-only ads that will only appear on phones and tablets. They only show up on partnered websites and mobile apps. Outstream ads automatically play, and the user can choose to unmute them by tapping the video. They are placed much like graphic display ads are placed on websites and within apps.

Payment Format:
Viewable Cost Per Thousand: You will be charged by the viewable 1,000. “Viewable” is defined as 2 seconds or more of viewing time.

Bumper Ads
These types of ads are non-skippable 6 second or shorter ads that play before, during, or after videos on YouTube, partnered websites, or on mobile apps.

Payment Format:
CPM: You will pay based on 1,000 impressions of your bumper ad, which is not skippable.

Why should I use YouTube and Digital Video Advertising for my business?

On our display advertising page, we mention that online graphic ads allow your business to break out and begin showing internet users a little more about your brand compared to simple text and search ads.

Using video to promote your business is the next step to creating a bond and trust with users. If you’re offering a service, the user can see who may be serving them. If you’re offering a product, they can see it and how it works.

If you’re already somewhat established in your market, then internet video is excellent for branding and staying top of mind with your market.

All of the above is great, but the main reason to get into online video advertising is that people are watching more and more online videos. You can segment your audience to who is most likely to interact with you.

Is Google Ads the only way I can get my video ads online?

No, there are other video ad networks, but Google Ads is the largest. Also, many popular local news websites offer packages for pre-roll videos before their news content.

How do I run ads on streaming services?

Technically, streaming is “digital video advertising,” but there are some differences. For that reason, we created a dedicated Streaming Television Advertising page to better help you understand.