Know how visitors are using your website.

Analytics Services

Every visitor to your website comes with a treasure trove of data. The data lets you know how the world is using your site. It will help you make important decisions about your website and your business much more manageable. We can help you set up the capturing mechanisms and also sift through the data to find the nugs.

Analytics FAQ

What are web analytics?

Web analytics tells you how people are using your web property. Over time, you can use this data to make many decisions concerning not only the direction of your web presence but also social media and even in-person contact with clients and customers.

How are analytics collected?

Analytics are collected by placing code on your website. Once set, you will begin receiving data.

What kind of information will I be able to collect?

Web analytics information includes:

visitors, sessions, unique visitors, page views, entry pages, exit pages, time on site, session duration, bounce rate, conversion rate, traffic analysis, browser type, browser size, device type, and much much more.

How does analytics tell me how good my site is doing?

Every client we have handled had some analytics data when they came to us. Many of them did not have any conversion, event, or goals set up to keep track of how well their site was performing. Yes, a mountain of data is excellent, but if you’re letting it sit, it’s not worth much.

By setting up conversions data, event data, and goals, you can set benchmarks that jive with your industry. You can then use the data to tinker here and tinker there to see if the changes made are leading to profit action by your website visitors.

It’s all based on your company’s goals. If your main goal is to get someone to fill out a form on your website, then you’d want to set up goals for that action. Events would be clicks on your website to download a whitepaper, clicking the call button on your website, and many others.

It gets pretty complicated, but we know how to handle it for multiple industries.

Will analytics tell me how well my digital advertising is doing as well?

Google Ads offers excellent reporting. But coupling it with Google Analytics gives you more data on the type of folks who are clicking on your ads and why they’re clicking on your ad. Most importantly, it gives you the data to make changes to your campaigns and landing pages. For example, maybe your ad campaigns aren’t doing so well, and you see that people are bouncing at a high rate. That means you have to change it up. You have to give people a reason to stay once they click on your ad.

With analytics, you can see how the changes you make are happening in real-time.

How can it help me with decisions not based on my website?

If you have a page that is getting a lot of visits and reads, it means people are interested. Let’s say you’re a landscaping business and your notice that your page on crape myrtle tree maintenance is getting many views. If that many people are interested in that subject, it means there are more people out there who may also be interested. You can take that info and push it to your social media. Maybe you make a video showing how to prune a crape myrtle. Perhaps you create an infographic on the makeup of crape myrtles. Maybe place some banner ads promoting the tree pruning division of your company.

Analytics data helps you give people what they want. You have to collect it and sift through it.