Search Engine Optimization

Making your website attractive to search engines.

SEO Services

SEO is all about setting your website up to be attractive to search engines. That’s it. If you go in with appropriate goals, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish. If you go in intending to dominate everything, you’re going to be disappointed.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

If you own a business and have an e-mail, we’re sure many great companies have spammed the living hell out of you about SEO. #1 on Google, right?

SEO is taking specific actions and crafting your website where it looks good for Google to present your site above other websites in their results. That is SEO.

So how does SEO work?

Search engines, like Google, scan and collect data about websites across the web continuously. When they receive this data, they pay close attention to words, titles, and links that are presented. Even images and their titles are taken into account. Each search engine has a different algorithm that places more emphasis on various factors they feel are essential. These algorithms are by no means static, and they are continuously tweaked.

In layman’s terms, search engines take what you feed it (a search term or question) and spits out (search results) what their data calculates will best serve you and answer your question.

On our side, we want to make sure that your website has all the correct coding, titles, schema, links, wording, and quickly scanned structure that will make search engines happy.

Do I need SEO if I'm just going to run Google Ads campaigns and pay for all my clicks?

Yes, you need to have some fundamental elements of it. One of the ranking factors, even in Google Ads bidding, is the SEO of your website. If you and a competitor are equal in the monetary bid, you may get the top spot over them due to good SEO practices.

Why do links matter so much?

In the digital world, links are somewhat like word of mouth recommendations in the real world. As with word of mouth, the mouth it’s coming from matters. Getting a boatload of links to random sites isn’t going to help you much.

Links from reputable websites lets search engines know you have something worth reading on your site. As a quick example, a link from a state university is going to get more play than one from Maude’s Minnesota Gardening Blog. You want to create content that will get shared all across the web.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

It’s a very loaded question and needs to be based on your goals. It’s a question that we go over extensively with our prospective clients because we want to make sure everyone’s goals are aligned.

If you’re a young lawyer in New York City with no website and want to be number one for “NYC personal injury lawyer” search query, it may take a lifetime. That lawyer could hire a firm to find specific search terms where they could sneak in and be number one or around there. A good SEO strategy is not always about being number one within a broad keyword like “NYC personal injury lawyer.”

As expressed above with the NYC example, the geography also matters. Generally, it’s easier to get higher rankings faster if you’re targeting for smaller geographic areas. Please don’t take that as smaller towns are not competitive, because it’s fierce out there. However, smaller towns usually offer fewer people to compete against. If your geo doesn’t matter and you want to be on top nationwide, then depending on what your offer, it may take some time to start moving up.

You should see some results within six months if the correct strategy is implemented.