Display Advertising

Introduce your brand to those most likely to need you.

Display Advertising Services

OEPMA can help you build a display advertising campaign that gets the correct qualified audience to see your branding and interact with your business online.

Display Advertising FAQ

What is display advertising?

Display advertising is a type of digital advertising where you serve text, image, or video ads. The ads can appear on various web sites and apps.

You may have heard display advertising referred to as “banner ads.”

Display advertising works off the pay-per-click model, so you do not pay unless someone clicks the ad and visits your landing page.

What sizes are available for display ads?

There are many sizes, but you have to be careful. If you pick odd sizes, it can limit your reach.

According to Google, the most top performing sizes are 300×250, 336×280, 728×90, 300×600, and 320×100.

How are display ads triggered to serve to the people most likely to need my service or product?

There are many ways you can segment your display advertising campaign.

Service your ads to everyone within a specific country, state, city, or even zip code.

Serve ads based on age, gender, parental situation, or household income.

Audience (Similar Sites, Keywords)
Build an audience of people who are most likely to use your product or need your service by using keywords or similar websites to your own. You can also build this audience from people who are in the market for your good or services based on their website browsing and search history.

Decide what websites you want your ads to show up on and place them.

Remarketing/ Retargeting
Serve display ads to someone who has visited a page on your website. You can read more on this on our Remarketing page.

Mix Them Up
You don’t have to do one of these and nothing else. You can mix it up and serve your ads to Females with a child from the age of 20-40 whose household income is above $150,000 that visits a particular website. Generally, the more drilled down your targeting, the more it’s going to cost per click.

Why should I use display ads for my business?

Display ads allow you to use a visual component to attract people to your website. Where search ads are based on text-only, display will enable you to give your brand a little more life. Even if the person doesn’t click on your ad today, they’ll still be able to get a sense of what your brand is about without also spending money on a click.

Display advertising is much cheaper than search advertising. With the ability to target people so specifically, display ads can start making people aware of your brand and what you do even without a click to your website.

The ultimate goal is to get the click and have the user begin to interact with your brand by either raising their hand for more information or completing a transaction.

How do I optimize my display advertising campaigns?

The components of excellent display advertising are no different from any other type of advertising. You must give the website visitor or app user something compelling to make them want to click on the ad. Then you must provide them with a page that serves them with content of value.

Using a vet’s office, let’s look at two different examples of display advertising:

Display Ad Scenario 1: Big City Vets wants to attract more dog owners to their practice. So, they begin a display ad campaign to target pet owners. Their ad is just a logo of their business that goes to the front page of their website.

Display Ad Scenario 2: Big City Vets wants to attract more dog owners to their practice. So, they begin a display ads campaign to target dog owners within a ten-mile radius of their office. The ads include an offer to download a “What To Do Guide” in case of an emergency with your dog. The landing page allows you to download the guide by submitting an e-mail. The vet will then have a 6 e-mail drip campaign with additional information about dog care and discount coupons for seasonal shots and check-ups. The e-mails also have links to a video produced by Big City Vets on what to expect on your first visit.

By reading those two scenarios, it’s not hard to see how doing just a little more work can help your business in the long run. The great thing about this is at the same time; the vet’s office can have this campaign running for cat owners as well.

Down the road, it may be so successful that they can begin splitting it up into the size of dog based on what type of pages someone is visiting, and it’s known that the person owns a large breed dog.