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Think of it as the home office of all of your marketing and advertising efforts. In today’s world, if someone wants more info, they’re going to look for you online. When they do, make sure your ready with a “home office” that is functional and easy to navigate.

Web Design FAQ

What is web design?

Web design is graphic design for the digital world.

Web design deals with the appearance, structure, and layout of your web properties. While construction and layout deal with hierarchy and the categorization of the different topics, presentation deals with the fonts, colors, and images used to appeal to visitors.

Overall, the best web design is one that is in concert with your brand. It’s pleasing to the eye and, most importantly, makes it easy for the visitor to navigate. Ultimately, leading to doing business with you simple.

While desktop websites are still relevant, there is an emphasis today on mobile web design. Over 50% of all website traffic in the world involves the use of a mobile device. It will vary depending on what type of business you operate, but you cannot ignore it. The lack of space in which web designers have to work provides their own set of problems that have to be addressed and solved practically.

You may think a smaller canvas makes the job more simple, but it’s just the opposite. Mountains could be moved with the amount of energy put into what you see when you land on a mega-business’ mobile web site.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design means the creation of web properties that respond to the visitor’s device. On desktop screen or a small mobile screen, your website will provide design that is built to move and provide them with a positive user experience. This website is responsive. Check it out on different devices and see how it responds.

Why is web design so important to my business?

Depending on your business, web design can make or break you.

Many of you may be reading this because you’re feeling it yourself. You may not need to read another word to know why it’s essential.

People love researching before they make a decision. Many times, going to your website to get a feel for who you are and what you can do for them is number one on their list. If you offer them a cluttered mess, their first impression of you will be that you’re a cluttered mess. If you offer them a simple, structured, non-stressful, and pleasing user experience, then you guessed it; your potential customer or client will feel at ease and more in the mood to do business.

Is Web Design just making your website pretty?

An aesthetically pleasing web property is a key factor. But people aren’t going to sit around and wait for your website to load no matter how beautiful the elements may be. Not only that, your search engine results and pay-per-click campaigns will be negatively affected by having a slow loading website or landing page.

Web design is taking all of these factors and marrying them together into one product that will be pretty, simple, and fast loading.

What should be the goal of my website for my business?

No matter what industry you’re in, the goal of your website should be to convert visitors into customers or clients. Your SEO and design efforts should always be aimed at raising your conversion rate. “Conversion Rate” meaning the percentage of people who visited your website that bought from you or contacted you for your services. 

You should constantly be looking at pages and the data within to see which ones are doing well and creating more content around those verticals to see if you can push it higher and higher. Don’t have pages that are doing well? Then you’re going to have to start pumping out some content until find ones that do well.

Today, websites aren’t a static thing if you want to win. They need to be moving, updating and informing daily, weekly, and monthly.

What is a landing page?

When you run digital advertising campaigns, sometimes you use them to promote one specific product or service area that you provide. So maybe sending them to your main website isn’t the best strategy.

For example, if you’re a lawyer and practice family law, you may want to focus on divorce cases with a digital advertising campaign. If your Google Search Ads campaign sends them to a general page, they may become confused.

It’s better to create a page that is 100% about divorce law and is hyper-focused on getting the person to contact you then and there. You’re spending money on that Google Search Ad click, so you want to craft their experience to be as specific as possible. They let you know by clicking what they were looking for, so don’t give them anything else that will foster confusion. And that’s pretty much the creed of excellent web design.

How can OEPMA help my business with our website?

No matter if you don’t have a web presence or you’re looking to update your web presence, we can help you out. We take a good, hard, and long look at what you’re doing right now and depending on the industry, what you should be doing. It’s the golden rule. We love simple, navigable, compelling, and most importantly, high converting, web design, so it’s what we work to provide you.

We first build a structure for your web property that promotes clarity and seamless interaction. We then begin putting together the graphic elements that will inspire people to want to go further and eventually take an action that is profitable to you.

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