Brand Identity

Everything you see that makes up your brand.

Brand Identity Services

If you’re starting your business, OEPMA can help you craft an appropriate and memorable brand identity. If you have an existing brand, we can help revamp your elements to stay current with your audience and customers.

Brand Identity FAQ

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is all the graphic elements that make up your brand. The general term “brand” or “branding” deals with the feeling a person gets about your business. Brand identity is concerned with the visual and tangible elements used to persuade that ultimate final feeling of “brand.”

You want these elements to promote a positive and appropriate feeling with prospective clients and customers. You also want them to stand out from the crowd where you’re easily identified now and into the future.

OEPMA can help with every element of brand identity from the naming of the business to designing the elements that identify you. If you already have an established brand and want to revamp it with a new logo or color palette, we can help with that as well.

What are the elements of brand identity?

Business Name
You have to make sure all the pieces fit here. By that, we mean it represents you well; no one else is using the name or has trademarked the name. You also want to look at available URLs for your website and social media profiles. Picking a name for your business is not an easy task and takes some groundwork to know that you’re picking one that checks all the boxes.

The main identification of your brand identity. Generally speaking, everything else will be an extension of this and work to serve your logo.

Color Palette
You can’t take this lightly. People have some strong psychological associations with colors, so it’s smart to take a little bit of time to think about this one. This decision is across everything from your business cards to your website. It pays to do some due diligence in this department to make sure your colors are consistent through digital and print.

The font you use. Font is something that will show up on printed material and also your website, so it makes sense to get it right. You can probably figure out that a law firm is going to go with a different font than a kid’s build a teddy bear store in the mall. While that is an extreme example, even when you get within the area of a law firm, you’ll need to look at competitors to make sure you’re not looking like everyone else.

If you’re an online business or offer services, this is where everything listed above comes together to really show your prospective clients and customers the sum of all your identity parts.

For those who do more in the market offline, this is where everything is going to come together for you.

Office Identity / Print
This covers business cards, thank you cards, letterhead, brochures and pretty much anything in print with your logo on it. When it comes to print, it allows you to add a haptic (relating to the sense of touch) element to your brand identity. People perceive heavier paper to be communicating more critical information. How thick is your business card? It matters.

What is a brand guide?

A brand guide is an overview of your companies branding and how it should be used by vendors, third parties, and media. Simply, it’s a rule book for your brand. Once created, for the sake of brand consistency, it should be followed religiously by you and your employees. You should send it to anyone who is going to do any work with your brand to make sure those rules you set can be followed.

Why do I need to worry about brand identity?

You want to be identified within your industry.

If your brand identity is not consistent, your brand will struggle to take hold in the market. You’ll get some business, sure, but these are the next level things that companies who want to separate themselves from the crowd focus on now.

Here’s the thing about it, once established and all the rules set, you can sit back and watch it grow. While, yes, it’s something you want to keep an eye on monthly or quarterly, it’s like the foundation. You take care of it once correctly, and you won’t have to worry about it much in the future.

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