Addressable Geofencing Ads

Precision targeting for maximum impact.

Addressable Geofence Overview

Precision is vital in any marketing or advertising campaign. Addressable Geofencing Advertising allows your business to take a highly targeted approach and deliver digital content to individuals across all devices, making sure your message reaches the right audience.

With Addressable Geofencing Advertising, advertisers can target not only households but also other businesses, effectively spreading the word about their services or products.

If your business is interested in harnessing one of the most powerful targeting tools in marketing, or simply wants to explore scenarios where it may help your business grow, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Frequently Asked Questions About Addressable Geofencing Advertising

What is Addressable Geofencing Advertising?

Addressable Geofencing Advertising, which may also be referred to as Addressable Geofencing Marketing, is a digital advertising technique where ads can be delivered across multiple devices using postal addresses, GPS and plat line data. A geofence is a highly-targeted digital boundary that surrounds a physical location.

Businesses are able to target mobile phones, tablets, desktops and connected televisions. If a device is “linked” to a certain address that has been defined in the campaign, then it will be available to receive ads. The ads aren’t restricted to one device. For example, if an individual enters a defined geofence in a city, then returns home there is the ability to begin serving ads to other devices within the household such as a connected television, even though the connected television device never entered the geofence.  

Is Addressable Geofencing Advertising the same as setting a radius around a location in a standard Digital Advertising campaign?

After reading some of this page, you may ask yourself, “Is geofencing just like setting a 1-mile radius and presenting my ads in a platform like Google Ads or Meta Ads?”

It’s not, and it’s a very common mix-up.

Setting, for example, a 1-mile radius around a city center will allow you to reach all of the devices in that radius, which, depending on the city, could be hundreds of thousands of people. However, this approach lacks the precision and targeted nature of Addressable Geofencing.

Remember, Addressable Geofencing is hyperlocal. You can go into that 1-mile radius and draw your virtual boundary around places that are of interest to your business, which cuts out wasteful spend on the people you do not need seeing your ad in that radius. This level of granularity allows you to focus your advertising efforts on the most relevant audiences.

With Addressable Geofencing Advertising, you can significantly reduce the number of people seeing your ads from hundreds of thousands to just hundreds who may have a higher affinity or are in the market for your product or service. By targeting specific households or physical addresses within the geofenced area, you can make sure that your ads are reaching the right people.

Can I track conversions with Addressable Geofencing Advertising?

Absolutely! The setup and reporting of an Addressable Geofencing Advertising campaign are very similar to traditional campaigns, allowing you to track conversions such as leads, sales, or any other actions you deem valuable. This means you can measure the success of your campaigns and optimize your advertising efforts accordingly.

What are examples of a Addressable Geofence Campaigns?

Here are examples of Addressable Geofencing Advertising campaigns we have run for clients:

College Football Sponsorship

One of our clients is a corporate sponsor of a college football team. The sponsorship package includes in-game mentions, in-game LED banners, program print advertising, and pregame fan activation.

During home games on Saturdays, we geofenced the stadium and the area outside the stadium where fan activation was taking place. We then served ads to people aged 25-54 for 30 days after they entered the geofenced area. This approach allowed us to extend the reach and impact of our client’s sponsorship by delivering targeted digital ads to the right audience, even after the game had ended.

Mailing Lists

If a client has a mailing list, we can take the physical addresses from that list and enter them into the Addressable Geofencing platform. This enables us to serve digital ads directly to those households. Imagine the impact of sending a direct mail piece to a targeted list and then following up for two weeks to a month with relevant ads on their phones, tablets, and connected televisions. This powerful combination of offline and online targeting can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

These are just a couple of examples, but the possibilities are endless. Every business has its own unique characteristics and goals, which opens the door to many creative ways to leverage Addressable Geofencing technology.

Am I able to target specific demographics within a defined geofence?

Yes, you can target a defined demographic within a geofenced area.

Let’s say, for example, you want to geofence a physical location in your city, but you only want adults aged 25-34 to see your ads. While this geofence may contain many people within your target age range, it likely also includes individuals outside of that demographic. With Addressable Geofencing Advertising, you can set up your campaign to only “link” to the devices of those who fall within the specified 25-34 age range.

This level of demographic targeting is not limited to age alone. You can apply the same principle to filter your audience based on various other attributes such as gender, income level, education level, and more. By doing so, you ensure that your ads are only served to the most relevant and high-value prospects who enter the geofenced area.

Can I geofence around my competitors location and serve ads to people who enter?

Yes, and this strategy even has a name: “geo-conquesting.”

The strategy involves geofencing your competition. When someone enters your competitor’s store or office, they will then begin to see ads for your products or services.

The classic example for this one involves car lots.

Imagine you own a dealership in your city. You then geofence every dealership within a 10-mile radius of yours. When someone visits your competitor, they begin seeing ads showcasing your cars, your deals, and your highly touted customer service, enticing them to consider your dealership as a compelling alternative.

What type of ads are served in Addressable Geofencing Advertising Campaigns?

If you’re ready to start an Addressable Geofencing Advertising campaign, make sure you have your display ad creative and video ad creative ready to go.

Display Ads
These static graphic ads will be on websites and apps, reaching your audience on their mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers.

Video Ads
Video ads, which shouldn’t be any longer than 30 seconds, will be deployed across mobile, tablet, desktop, and connected televisions.

Can I target addresses based on demographic data?

Everything we’ve discussed so far on this page involves businesses defining an area or working with a list of addresses they’ve acquired through their dealings.

But what if you have super specific info about your target market, but don’t have physical locations or addresses? Can you run a campaign based on demographic data alone?


Let’s say you’re in the travel business and want to target wealthy households with no kids or pets. These folks seem like the perfect type to jet off on a whim multiple times a year, right?

You can feed this info into the campaign, and it’ll serve up ads to the addresses that fit the demographic.

It’s very granular. We’re talking age, education, gender, pets, kids, homeownership status, home size, household income, political leanings, interests, hobbies, and a whole lot more.

So even if you don’t have a physical address list, you can still laser-target your ideal audience based on their demographic profile with this technology.

How can I start an Addressable Geofence Advertising Campaign for my business?

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