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Podcasts allow you to dive deep into what you offer. It will enable you to become an expert within your field. Most importantly, it allows you to provide more content to potential clients and customers. OEPMA can help you develop your podcast from idea to finished product.

Podcast Production FAQ

What is a podcast?

A podcast is audio content of pretty much anything you want it to be. For marketing and business acquisition, you would take your expertise in your industry and share it creatively. The options for what you talk about and the set up of your show is unlimited. It’s your show to do what you want. There are no time limits or regulations other than those imposed by your industry.

You then submit that audio file to different directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn.

Will a podcast really help me get business?

It’s all in how you use it and your expectations for it. If you create a podcast today about your industry expertise and expect it to get thousands of plays within a week or month, you’re going to be very disappointed. You’re also going to be disappointed in your total plays if you produce a podcast and don’t promote it thinking the podcast distributors will do that for you. Yes, you can set it up where you’re hitting on all the right keywords, but that will only get you so far.

For Hardison & Cochran, a North Carolina law firm, we produced a podcast with five episodes dealing specifically with workers’ compensation cases. In the grand scheme, yes, a pretty dull subject and to its own devices, the episodes wouldn’t get much play, but we built a strategy to offer to those interested.

The law firm was already active in workers’ compensation in digital advertising. We built them some beautiful landing pages that were aimed at getting conversions and were loaded with some good workers’ compensation information. But how could we incorporate those five episodes into this?

Naturally, we posted links to the podcast in the information section of the landing pages. Then, via display remarketing, we served ads to those who had visited the site.

These episodes that were getting a combined five plays a week took off to where they’re averaging 45 plays a week combined.

Here’s the best part. All it took was for the lawyer to sit down over the phone and answer common questions that he answers every single day of his career. He could answer these questions in his sleep. To someone looking for more information on the subject of workers’ compensation, these podcasts were gold mines of information. No doubt, the listeners appreciated the content. They have questions, and he provided some basic answers.

Is the creation of a podcast for every business? Probably not. But if you have the source material and feel comfortable talking about what you do every single day for your clients or customers, it’s worth looking into and easy to do.

If I wanted to start a podcast, how can OEPMA help?

OEPMA can come up with show concepts, develop scripts, record, edit, perform post-production, hire voice over talent, select music, create graphics, submit your shows to distributors and come up with a game plan to get your show listened to by those who are interested.

With podcasts, we can built it from absolutely nothing to a thriving nest of active listeners who you’re displaying value to.

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