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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth tens of thousands. A great video? Possibly millions. OEPMA has created hundreds of videos for clients, including web videos and videos for commercial placement on national networks.

Video Production FAQ

What is video production?

Video production is the process of creating videos. In this specific case, it involves creating videos that promote your business. It can be 15 or 30-second broadcast commercials, 6 second YouTube ads, or 10-minute explainer videos for a product or service. If It involves moving pictures, it falls under the umbrella of video production in some form or fashion.

What is the process of video production?

There are three phases of video production—pre-production, production, and post-production.

This is where the organization happens. In this part of the process, scripts are crafted, locations are selected, goals are made, talent is selected, and the budget is set. You can expect a lot of meetings and “thinking” going on by all of those involved.

Where the video’s content is being captured. If you selected to do a commercial with yourself in it, you’d most likely be in the studio in front of a green screen with bright lights in your face. Voice actors would be employed to read a script that you’re not reading yourself.

Post Production
In post-production, this is where the final delivery is made. The raw video is edited down to the necessary parts, music may be added, and additional visuals may be added to shape the story being told for the audience. Graphics may also be added at this time.

What's the difference between video for digital properties and video for broadcast?

They both are videos, but depending on your company and business, they may be two different undertakings.

Video for broadcast, 99% of the time it’s going to be in the form of a 15 or 30-second commercial. Your script, visuals, and message need to be tight. There isn’t time to mention fringe elements of your business.

With web video, you can do both. You can make focused videos, but you can also go long-form and explore your business in-depth.

Let’s use a divorce lawyer as an example. In a broadcast commercial, he may only have time to say he handles divorce cases in a specific area. In a web video, he can sit down and explain to you the details of asset division in a 10-minute video.

What about a bank? In 30 seconds on TV, you can let people know about opening a savings account. But in an online video, you can go through how getting a savings account makes the customer money with concrete monetary examples.

Advertising on digital properties allows you to drill down your audience. It will enable you to make videos even more specific to the needs of those seeking out your service or product.

How does video production help me get business?

Some quick stats for you in regards to digital video:

78% of people watch online videos each week; YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, 50% of users look up videos related to products or services they are interested in.

We could fill this page with digital video stats, but here’s the bottom line, if you’re not using video in your business, you’re being left behind.

Now, we didn’t pull the gun out and put it to your head and say, “Do video now,” but the fact is people are out there searching, and stats say they are impressed and retain the message of the videos they watch.

If you have the budget to get into broadcast and cable TV advertising, you don’t need a bunch of words about how it’s going to help. If done correctly, TV is still the best brand-building advertising channel there is on the playing field.

OEPMA has produced numerous television spots and placed millions of dollars worth of creative on broadcast stations and digitally.

How can OEPMA help me with video production?

As we mentioned in the last paragraph, we are seasoned vets when it comes to writing commercials and placing them on television. We have the creative chops to know what appeals to your audience. Taking a complicated subject and breaking it down to 15 or 30 seconds is an art that we know how to do.

Those creative chops don’t stop when it comes to long-form video. We can produce concepts for digital video that will sell your services or product to the correct audience.

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