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Finding out how you did and taking the steps to improve.

Satisfaction Survey Services

The job or sale has been completed. Now, you want to know how well you did for your customer or client. OEPMA can help by crafting surveys that will get completed and get you the answers needed to improve your business.

Satisfaction Surveys FAQ

What are client satisfaction surveys?

Client satisfaction surveys help you better understand how you serviced clients and customers. They can help you understand the needs and improvements to your business. They can also help you build segments within your customer or client database.

Why are satisfaction surveys important?

Because your client and customer’s satisfaction is everything. Their satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the most important indicator of your business and a precursor of future business and worth of your brand.

More than that, it provides valuable information into the mind of your customers and clients. Something you may overlook as not very important may start showing up in surveys as very important. You can adjust your way of doing business.

For example, what if you see a trend in your surveys about how your phone is answered. The people might be giving you good marks on the survey overall. Still, you keep seeing that people had rude experiences when they called with the person directing the call. Maybe it’s time to talk with your receptionist.

The little things. They matter. Client and customer surveys help you find those little things.

I ask for Google and Yelp Reviews, isn't that enough?

No, Google and Yelp reviews are public. Most of the time, people aren’t going to stress on the small things when they are leaving a public review. Yes, you’ll get people who write essays about their experiences, but usually not enough to spot trends and act on them.

While online reviews are great and you need to ask for them, surveying your clients in private is a whole different animal and provides totally different and more valuable information.

What is the best way to present the survey where I can ensure truthful answers?

You want the client to be brutally honest in this setting. What works best is being 100% honest with them about why you want the information. That reason is to improve your services for future clients and to ensure them that you (the business owner) is the only person who will see their answers.

Most people don’t want to get in a situation where they feel like they are “bad-mouthing” an employee, and the employee ends up seeing it.

As for the actual taking of the survey, it can be paper, digital, or even over the phone. Over the phone is going to give you the most insight. Because it allows you to follow up a response, but depending on how many clients you have, this may not be feasible for a business owner.

How long should the satisfaction survey be?

Much like this answer, short.

What type of questions should be included?

We’re big fans of open-ended questions. We feel they get the information you need to take action. You’re trying to better your services, at the end of the day what is “check 1-10” really telling you about your business? Not much. Let the people tell you.

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