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If you’re looking for a logo design or word marks to start your business, OEPMA has got you covered. Looking for a revamp of a brand that needs an update? We do that, too.

Identity Design FAQ

What is identity graphic design?

Identity is the graphic element that represent your business, company, and brand. It includes the creation of your logo. It also deals with how your logo is placed on items such as business cards and letterhead. Anything that can be viewed by the general public that represents your brand is considered “identity” because it helps to identify you as a business publicly.

Identity graphic design would encompass both digital and print media.

Is identity graphic design just about the logo?

No, it is so much more. When forming the marks, graphics, and items that will represent you to the public, it pays to step back and think about every single element no matter how small.

Your colors are significant. Are the colors you’re picking sync up with what you’re trying to say? If you run a kid’s daycare business, you most likely don’t want the same colors a rock metal band would use in their branding and vice versa. The colors you use set a frame to allow people to understand your message quickly.

What about the type of paper stock you use for your business cards and letterhead. If it is a very flimsy and cheap feeling, people can instantly associate your company and brand with what they feel once they put those items in their hands.

Why does all this matter?

The general population usually doesn’t knowingly analyze these things in their mind when they see your branding or take your business card in their hand. Their wheels are always turning and forming opinions about everything they see or feel.

What goes into the creation of identity?

At OEPMA, our research begins with you.

If you’re a business who already has an established identity and want a refresh, we collect everything we can that you’ve previously shown the public. We then look at your audience to find out what they want. We then begin building creative boards of possible designs and then bring it all home to the final design.

If you’re a start-up business with no branding, we perform the same type of detailed research sans the collection of your historic branding.

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