Team Autism NC

The Autism Society of North Carolina operates a yearly campaign partnered with the University of North Carolina Athletics during the college football season. The campaign’s goal is to get in front of football fans and provide info about autism in North Carolina. The campaign also educates about the resources available to individuals with autism and their families. OEPMA helped craft this campaign from scratch in 2014. The campaign is still active today.


Based on a saying often used by the Autism Society of NC of “everybody needs a team,” TeamAutismNC was created in 2014. OEPMA helped in crafting the logo, wordmark, and color palette for the campaign. The design uses elements of the existing Autism Society of North Carolina branding with a bolder color palette to associate it with the spirit of college football.

Logo Creation

Color Palette


Web Design

The campaign needed a simple but strategically designed website that was able to obtain visitors’ information quickly and effortlessly. OEPMA created a site where the call to action was front and center and helped TeamAutismNC grow digitally.

Graphic Design

Landing Page

Responsive Web Design


Digital Advertising

The partnership allowed The Autism Society of North Carolina to meet the people of NC face-to-face at a selected football game. But more was needed to get the word out about not only TeamAutismNC, but also events that were taking place during the football season. Each year, Run + Walk for Autism events have synced up with the football season. OEPMA used a mix of pay-per-click search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, and remarketing ads to spread the word about TeamAutismNC and its autumn events. The campaign helped boost attendance at events and membership to the team.

Google Ads

YouTube Ads


Display Ads

E-Mail Marketing

Once a member of the community joined TeamAutismNC, the aim of the campaign was reinforced periodically through e-mails. The e-mails helped those interested in autism topics stay up-to-date about news and also events held by the Autism Society of North Carolina. OEPMA designed, provided content for the e-mail campaign.

Mail Chimp


Graphic Design

Event Marketing

A perk of the partnership between TeamAutismNC and the University of North Carolina Athletics was the ability to set up a promo tent at one home football game each season. When you’re able to meet thousands of fans face-to-face, you must have a plan to appeal to them. OEPMA designed systems to capture information from the fans and sign them up for the team on the spot. Promotional items are always exceptional at these types of events. With fans entering a stadium guidelines must be carefully followed. OEPMA worked with the University of North Carolina to order a set of promotional items for TeamAutismNC that not only were allowed in the stadium but enhanced the game-day experience for the fans.