Milbank Drive

Milbank Drive is a musical act that began releasing music in 2020. OEPMA has helped Milbank Drive in branding efforts and album cover design. While not entirely in the marketing realm, OEPMA also helped distribute Milbank Drive’s music recordings to 25+ streaming platforms.


The artist wanted something simple with mountains and the sun. Mountains make pretty natural M, so we went with the flow on this one. Branding doesn’t require 100 hours in the lab. Sometimes it all just fits together beautifully like this logo. Not to mention, the logo pops on merch.

Logo Creation

Color Palette


Streaming Distribution

Before Milbank Drive, we had only distributed podcasts, but we quickly found out the two disciplines aren’t much different. We were able to get Milbank Drive’s releases on all the major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.

Additionally, were were able to get the recordings on Social Media Apps like TikTok for use in short form video. Most importantly, we were able to set up payment systems for the artists for when his music is played across any streaming service or social media app.



YouTube Music

Amazon Music

Apple Music