Hickory Heat Hot Sauce

Hickory Heat is a North Carolina Hot Sauce Company that offers three different versions of sauce sure to heat up your breakfast, lunch and dinner. All three sauces originate from a long held family recipe.


When Hickory Heat came to OEPMA, they just had some sauce and a passion to distribute it because they believed in their product. After taking the sauce for a test run and needing a couple swigs of milk to cool our palette, we believed in it too. The branding we created is smooth and too the point.

Logo Creation

Color Palette


Web Design

Not only did Hickory Heat need a web presence, they needed a way for people to order their sauce. OEPMA created a website that not only told the story of Hickory Heat, but implemented a streamlined ordering process where customers could easily get their sauce fast with the assurance that their personal data was protected.

Grpahic Design

Shop Page