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90% of phone time is spent on a mobile app. Be there.

Mobile App Advertising Services

It’s a mobile world, and people spend a vast majority of that mobile time within their mobile apps. So why not be there with them? OEPMA can help your business craft useful mobile app advertising campaigns to reach your selected audience.

Mobile App Advertising FAQ

What is mobile app advertising?

Mobile App Display Advertising is primarily display advertising within an app on a phone or tablet. You can run campaigns to feature your graphic or video ads.

When setting up a Display Campaign within Google Ads, your ads will appear in mobile apps by default. The default setting includes games as well as informational apps.

Why should I use mobile app advertising?

Data shows that people spend much more time within apps when they’re on their phones compared to surfing the web on a mobile browser like Safari or Chrome.

Some studies put that number at around 90% in the app and 10% in the browser for the average phone user.

So to answer the question, that’s where people are spending their time, so to get in front of them, you have to utilize mobile app advertising.

Can I use videos with mobile app advertising?

Yes, many apps allow you to place video ads with audio. We have many campaigns running branding videos across many popular mobile apps.

These apps are created to make money. The creators are going to utilize every source of making money to the point where it doesn’t bother users, and they delete and quit using the app.

If the users don’t mind it, then they’ll offer video advertising along with graphic display advertising.

How are mobile app ads served?

Most times, ads are served in-app by stopping the action of the app and featuring your ad exclusively for a certain amount of time. For example, if a user is playing a game in the app and completes Level 1, before going to Level 2, they are served a graphic or video ad for 5-30 seconds.

Doing this allows the app makers to keep their apps free of charge. Many apps also have an option to purchase the app or game where advertising is taken off the app.

How are mobile app ads targeted to users?

The same way as all ads are targeted. By a combination of demographics, geography, audience building (keywords, similar sites), placement (placing them on a specific app), and remarketing/retargeting. You tailor these factors down to be as detailed as possible.

Generally, the more targeting is drilled down and specific, the more it will cost to advertise to that audience of people.

Is there an advantage to using mobile app advertising?

The reach is higher, meaning you will get your ad in front of more people. Studies show that the click-through rate is higher on mobile apps (.58%) when compared to the mobile web (.23%). Since many mobile apps use GPS to know the user’s location, you can have better control of geodata. While you can geo-target within the mobile web, it’s based on IP addresses. IP addresses can be unreliable. When someone’s IP address is based on the cell phone providers network and not their home network.

What is an example of exclusively using mobile app advertising?

In 2019, the Autism Society of North Carolina wanted more people attending and participating in their annual 5K Walk and Run event in Downtown Raleigh.

We developed a mobile app campaign within fitness apps to promote the 5K three months before. That 5K had its highest turnout ever that year.

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