Why Your Business Should Control Its Digital Ad Accounts

In the fast-paced, evolving world of digital advertising, businesses should prioritize not only creating compelling ad campaigns but also maintaining control over their ad accounts. This article delves into the reasons why it’s crucial for businesses to have their ad accounts set up under their own names and not through their advertising agency’s account. From Google Ads, Facebook Ads, to TikTok Ads and Google Analytics, your company should own its digital ad space across all platforms.

Importance of Data Ownership

Data is a valuable commodity in the digital advertising landscape, guiding the formulation of strategies and illuminating insights into customer behavior. One compelling reason to maintain your own ad account is to ensure that you retain full ownership of your data.

When an advertising agency manages your ads through their account, all the valuable customer data, click-through rates, conversion metrics, and other pieces of useful information get linked to their account. In a scenario where you wish to switch agencies, this data ownership can pose a serious issue. You may get years of data exported as spreadsheets, but it can’t be utilized within the platforms effectively. If the account isn’t under your business’s name, you’ll have to start from scratch, losing the progress and insights you’ve gained.

Agency Leverage and Client Retention

Another concern is the leverage that ad agencies gain by retaining control of the data. It is not uncommon for an agency to use this leverage to retain clients. In a hypothetical situation where you wish to part ways with your current agency, they may use the fact that all your data is tied to their account to dissuade you. You could be threatened with the prospect of starting anew, without the data that you’ve accumulated over the years.

Maintaining Independence

Almost every digital advertising platform allows businesses to own their accounts while granting access to agencies for management purposes. So, there’s no need to relinquish control of your accounts to an agency. In fact, it’s a red flag if an agency insists that it’s a necessity for them to run your ads through their account.

Transparency in Billing

Keeping your ad account also ensures transparency in terms of billing. By placing your credit card under the account, you pay directly for your ads. The agency can send you an invoice for their management services as per your agreement. This way, you are clear about where your advertising budget is going and can keep track of your spending more effectively.

Conclusion: Empower Your Business by Owning Your Ad Accounts

In conclusion, taking control of your digital advertising by owning your ad accounts is a crucial step towards gaining transparency, control, and independence in your advertising endeavors. You can effectively safeguard your data, manage your ad spends better, and eliminate undue leverage of agencies. It’s a strategic decision that can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital advertising, setting your business up for long-term success.

William S. Campbell

With 15 years of marketing experience, William S. Campbell crafts effective and tailored strategies to help businesses succeed.

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