The Advantages of Retargeting / Remarketing Advertising

At OEPMA, we consistently emphasize the numerous benefits of retargeting / remarketing to all our clients. Whether we’re working directly with them or providing consultations, we believe that retargeting is a crucial tactic to employ.

To briefly recap, retargeting / remarketing involves displaying ads to individuals who have previously visited your website, specific web pages, or have taken certain actions on your site.

Depending on your objectives and budget, you have the flexibility to run display or video ads across a wide range of websites and even streaming television platforms.

While we recommend retargeting to all our clients, we particularly emphasize its significance for those running paid advertising campaigns like Google Ads. In fact, we consider it a must for such businesses.

Real-World Example

Let’s consider a scenario involving a landscaping company to illustrate the impact of retargeting.

Imagine you own “Big Dog Landscaping” and you actively advertise on Google Ads for keywords like “patio install” or “patio builder.”

You attract a good number of visitors to your patio service page. However, once they leave your site, the chances of them remembering your brand diminish significantly. Unless they submit a quote request, you risk losing them forever.

Given that they may be comparing different landscaping patio websites within a short timeframe, the easiest way to regain their attention is by retargeting them with display or video ads.

Now, let’s rewind. Suppose this individual visited your website along with ten other landscaping companies in the area while conducting their research. However, they didn’t submit a quote request to any of them.

The next day, they become occupied with other tasks and put the patio project on hold. Later, during their leisure time, they check online for baseball scores, and lo and behold, your display ad appears, showcasing a stunning patio and encouraging them to request a free quote.

Then, they switch on their streaming device to watch their favorite shows, and once again, they encounter Big Dog Landscaping, reinforcing their awareness of the company’s exceptional patio building skills.

In contrast, they have likely forgotten about the other nine landscaping websites they visited.

Now, will everyone contact you after seeing the initial set of ads? Some might, while others won’t. People are different in their behaviors. However, by consistently presenting value and staying in front of potential customers, you significantly increase your chances of securing that quote submission, especially when your competitors are not actively engaging them.

It’s Not Cold; These People Have Already Shown Interest

This brings us to the most important aspect of this type of campaign. In general, a substantial portion of advertising is cold, meaning the individuals watching TV, browsing the internet, or searching on Google have no prior knowledge of your brand. They have never interacted with you before.

However, with retargeting or remarketing, you’re reconnecting with people who have already demonstrated at least some level of interest by clicking through to your website.

Cost Considerations

The cost of retargeting depends on various factors, primarily the volume of traffic you receive on the targeted pages. Naturally, the larger the audience, the more ads will be served, resulting in higher costs.

While we refrain from providing absolute numbers in these blog posts due to the diverse range of business owners who may read them, a monthly budget of $500 should be sufficient for local businesses.

If your operations extend statewide, we recommend allocating anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000, depending on different factors. For a more specific answer tailored to your business, we encourage you to schedule a call with us to discuss your requirements.


Don’t allow the internet traffic you’ve diligently worked to generate to forget about your brand within minutes of leaving your website. Retargeting enables you to stay top of mind and maintain engagement with potential customers, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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