Segment Auction Insights in Google Ads To Find Areas To Attack

There are many ways to win at Google Ads. While blasting your competition out of the water with a higher budget can work, you can strategically win in other ways.

One of the many ways to find areas to improve is by segmenting your Auction Insights data.

For those who don’t know, Auction Insights is a report from Google on the account, campaign, or ad group level that shows you information about the businesses you’re bidding against for the same keywords.

Many people know about and have viewed this report, but we urge you to take it further and segment it.

You can segment by Time (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year, Day of the Week) and Device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile).

The most useful is the Day of the Week and Device segments.

You can see the flow with your competitors by segmenting by Day of the Week.

Are they smoking you on Mondays? Are they barely even running by Friday? Are they even running weekends?

By using the Days of the Week segment, there is a possibility you can come up with a strategy to win on the days that you’re competitors are backing off or when their budget is getting exhausted. Run this over several weeks to find trends.

Of course, there may be a reason they are running hard on those days due to the demand of customers in the industry. You may have to battle them with money, which Google will love.

While segmenting can help you find ways to win, it’s not always some surefire way to find a lighting rod secret to success in Google Ads search campaigns. It might just unveil you’re getting your ass kicked every day of the week, and you have to step up that budget.

When you segment by device, you can possibly find a spot to win with a particular device. Even though most searches come from mobile devices, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any value in adjusting your desktop bid to see if you can win the desktop battle.

If you’re running a local campaign, it’s doubtful that doing the same thing with tablet bid adjustment will do little to anything for you. The population of tablets is just so small it wouldn’t move the needle locally. Now, if you’re doing some national or regional campaign, there might be some value there.

However, if your budget isn’t very large at all, we won’t discourage you from possibly trying that locally. This is just general advice for a general audience across many different industries, if you want to zoom in on your specific industry, contact OEPMA.

We’ll take a look at it for you.

In conclusion, we’re not saying that you will segment your Auction Insights data and instantly find data that will allow you to go gangbusters when your budget is fifth or sixth in your market for your industry and geo area.

However, if you’re in a close battle with a competitor taking the data points presented by segmenting Auction Insights and tinkering a bit may help you squeeze you out just a few more leads or product sales and help you win small battles here and there if you’re playing small ball.

William S. Campbell

With 15 years of marketing experience, William S. Campbell crafts effective and tailored strategies to help businesses succeed.

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