After The Marketing Conference: Take It Easy


Marketing conferences are great. An organized event that allows business owners to really get to the meat and potatoes of their marketing efforts. You’re able to learn from your peers, experts and create long lasting relationships.

There is however a bad side to them and it’s one we have seen time and time again.

A business owner and possibly a member or two of their team attends the 2-3 day event. They are taking copious notes. Their creativity is going wild. They are getting absolutely giddy about what they’re going to do when they get back to the office.

They are inspired to turn their business marketing efforts into an operation that would make GEICO, Coca Cola, or Nike take notice. All they have to do is implement the 47 things they wrote down / learned to do at the conference.

The first day back at the office they are out the gate working their tails off. Items 1-4 are in motion and rolling.

The second week, the team is still working hard, but the efficiency of list implementation slows.

Week three and the items from week one are starting to not be completed each day.

Week four the team is completely burned out and defaults to what they were doing before they attended the conference.

A tale as old as time. The marketing conference roller coaster.

While you may go to a conference and get 100 ideas about how to better your business, it’s much better to take It easy and identify what you think is really going to help your business.

When you get back to the office, meet with your team and rank the top 5 takeaways and/or implementable actions you can take as a business. Start at number one. Implement that action. Don’t move on to or even think about starting number two until number one is completed or ingrained into your system.

Marketing conference roller coaster burnout. Avoid it like the plague.

William S. Campbell

With 15 years of marketing experience, William S. Campbell crafts effective and tailored strategies to help businesses succeed.

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