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Location based with no alternatives.

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Outdoor advertising (also known as out-of-home) is advertising that can be viewed when the viewer leaves their home.

Outdoor Advertising FAQ

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising (also know as out-of-home) is advertising that can be viewed when the viewer leave their home.

What are some type of outdoor advertising?

Billboards what most people think of when they hear “outdoor advertising.” They can be static or digital and catch traffic either on the interstate or within high traffic areas within cities. Depending on local laws, billboard availability can be plentiful or scarce.

Mobile Ads
Busses (both inside and outside), taxi tops or even dedicated vehicles that are utilized only to show ads to a designated area.

Venues / Stadium
Many venues offer the ability to place ads in the concourse where sports fans or concert attendees can view more information about your business. Some also allow for ad placement in-game with advertisements on boards, led boards, fences, or even on the ice, field, or court.

Street Furniture
Lamp posts, bike shares, bus stops, urban shelters, urban displays and benches.

Is outdoor advertising effective?

Yes, if it fits your business and used correctly. When you’re in your home, there are so many ways to segment what type of ads you will see. You can turn on your TV, but then there’s a choice of what you will watch. Will it be on broadcast, cable, OTT, connected, or on YouTube? All of those formats will serve different types of ads. You may choose to surf the internet. Again, a vast segmentation of users depending on what sites they visit and keywords they type.

In a world where everything is getting segmented, advertising such as billboards can’t be segmented, so they offer tremendous reach. Outdoor is location-based and uninterrupted, where viewers can see your message.

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