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Social Media Management and content go hand in hand. Why should someone follow you if you don’t have great content? We can take care of all of your accounts and make sure they get followed by the right people.

Social Media Management FAQ

What is social media management?

Social Media Management, from the agency standpoint, is taking over or creating social media accounts for a company and being responsible for scheduling and executing posts on a regular schedule.

The benefit of having a dedicated manager or management company is having someone experienced to analyze the data and create content.

What are the main elements of social media management?

Account Management
Includes creating the accounts and keeping them current with appropriate profiles and visual graphics. Also, setting up any notification alerts or integration with third-party applications or CRM platforms.

Create a Plan
Smart social media managers perform research on the company’s industry and day-to-day operations and schedule posts well into the future. Some may be based on reliable data, while others are tests to see how engagement goes to obtain even more data for future posts.

Post on the Fly
While having a plan is great, sometimes things happen in the world where you have to strike when the irons hot. Social media management includes keeping tabs on current news within an industry to get in front of news and happenings.

Analyze The Data
Every post provides data points. When you’re managing social media, you have to obsess over the data to know what works and what doesn’t work.

Monitor the Landscape
Social Media Management includes performing searches for brand terms and monitoring what is being said about the company and responding appropriately. It also includes direct messages to the company that are not public.

Is Social Media Management the same thing as Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Management can include Social Media Advertising, but Social Media Advertising does not include Social Media Management. Management is the upkeep of the account and executing everything that the platform allows you to do for free. Social Media Advertising is when you pay the social media platform to get your content in front of people. Please check out our page on Social Media Advertising. If you’re still a bit confused, you can always contact us.

Does Social Media Management include responding to customers?

Yes. Responding to customers in a timely fashion, no matter the social media platform is essential. Usually, your type of business will dictate the amount of feedback you receive on social media. Some industries get very little while others are bombarded with it daily from sun up to sun down.

Monitoring social media and responding to both positive and negative responses shows that a company is proactive in tackling problems.

How can social media help my business?

It allows you to show your personality as a business, show authority within your industry, and take control of reputation within the digital space.

When people are researching your businesses, they will scour social media to view what is being said about you. You need to be there to show you’re an active business and are always listening. That includes negative sentiments being thrown your way.

And we’ll be honest; every single business doesn’t need a social media plan that involves multiple posts every single day. Some companies and industries require hyperactive management. Others simply need someone to keep an eye out on everything and make posts to keep it current.

Also, certain types of businesses will gravitate to specific platforms. Think about a landscaping company. Their work is very visual, so a platform like Instagram would make more sense for them to show off their work. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to be on LinkedIn or Twitter. Still, their resources may need to point towards creating great visuals than providing text-based tips on Twitter.

In a perfect world, your business would be active on every single channel. However, most small businesses don’t have the resources and the content to be hyperactive on all platforms. Start small and work your way up.

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