Podcast Recording + Editing

Making sure your audio is perfect.

Podcast Recording + Editing Services

Getting a beautiful podcast sound that is soothing to your listeners’ ears is essential. It all begins with getting a perfect raw recording and then smart editing.

Podcast Recording + Editing FAQ

Why is recording and editing so important to the success of a podcast?

If your podcast sounds like crap, no one is going to listen.

You have to start with an excellent clear recording with mic levels at the correct level. You’d be surprised at how many podcasts don’t even get this step right.

It usually shows up glaringly when the people featured on the podcast aren’t in the same room, and the audios sound very different. It can turn many people off. You can be in two different countries and get beautiful and even audio levels.

When the raw file is completed, you must go in and edit. Get the stuff that doesn’t matter out because anything but what the audience came for is a waste of everyone’s time. You have to remember, with a business podcast, people are there to get information, not necessarily be entertained. Even though you can entertain and show personality, it’s not the main attraction when starting.

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