Podcast Post Production

Tweaking the details to create audio magic.

Podcast Post Production Services

The recording of your podcast is only the first step. In post-production is where the magic happens, and your podcast recording turns into a show with the addition of effects, voice-overs, and music.

Podcast Post Production FAQ

What is Podcast Post Production?

Podcast post-production is everything performed after recording that gets the podcast file ready to be uploaded for distribution.

It includes editing, rerecording segments, adding sound effects, adding voice overs, selecting music, and adding effects to ensure listenability.

Why do I need sound effects, voice overs and music?

Because you want your podcast to sound professional and not let minor faults turn away people who are genuinely interested in the topics you cover.

What does adding effects to the recording do?

No two audio devices are created the same. Some are bass-heavy, others are mid-heavy, and phone speakers have zero bass at all. When you’re editing your file, you have to keep this in mind. People will be listening to these files in their car, on headphones, on their phone, and maybe even sound systems.

You want to provide a pleasant experience for all of those people with one file, so producing a file that is based on some industry standards of audio is critical. To do that, you’ll have to add effects that may smooth your speaking voice out and bring down the loud moments and bring up the quiet moments to create a final mix that works for everyone.

If you bombard someone with too much mid-level tones or have your highs too high, you run the risk of wearing people’s ears out and exhausting them. You don’t want your podcast to be exhausting.

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