Podcast Distribution

Deploying the audio file to all the directories.

Podcast Distribution Services

It’s not over when the final audio file is saved. If you want people to listen, you must distribute and promote them. OEPMA knows how to place it with the big distributors and also craft campaigns that lead people to your show.

Podcast Distribution FAQ

Where can I place my podcast to be listened to?

The first place should be your website. You should create a dedicated page only for your podcast and have a link on the front page of your website.

Once that is completed, you want to get into all of the primary services that provide podcasts. These include:

Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts
iHeart Radio
TuneIn (Alexa)

How do I promote my podcast?

There are many ways with the easiest being letting people know by word of mouth. Another is having great SEO on your podcast. That means being smart when you name your episodes to make sure you’re putting in keywords that people are looking for when searching the directories listed above.

Another great way is old fashioned advertising. Using a digital remarketing campaign is a great way to reconnect with people who have visited your website. Offering them a podcast to listen to might be the difference between sitting on the fence and them purchasing or retaining your services.

Do I need graphics?

Yes, and they’re essential. You want good graphics that stay true to your brand to grab the eye of people searching through the directories. You can have an overall “Podcast” graphic and also an episode by episode graphic.

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