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Making you look great on screen of all types.

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If you need something to look sharp and load fast for a digital property, both static and video format, OEPMA can craft elements that impress your audience.

Digital Design FAQ

What is digital design?

Digital design is the creation of elements that appear on computer, television, mobile, and tablet screens.

What is the difference between digital design and print design?

Short answer, digital design requires files that are smaller in size, and the color fields are different. In digital design, you’re working with how your colors show up on television, computer and mobile phone screens rather than how they’ll transfer to paper or a different type of medium.

Why is it important that the files are small as possible?

With digital design, you want your final product to be sharp, but you want the file size as small as possible because of the time it takes to load.

If your website is bogged down with large images and design files, it’s going to take longer to load. It might be the difference between someone staying on your website and getting more information or just leaving out of frustration and not interacting with you again.

What are some types of digital design I would use in business?

Landing Pages
Display Ads
Social Media Graphics
Graphics for Videos

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