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This marketing and advertising consultation will cost you nothing. It's 100% free.

Zero Pressure

Of course we may make suggestions, but there will be no hard sell to obtain our services during the call.

Questions Answered

Any questions or concerns you have about your current campaign or in general will be answered, so please ask away.

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Free Consultation FAQs

Of course it’s a tool for business development for us, but that’s only part of it. Taking time to speak with business owners from many different types of businesses allows us to keep our tools sharp so to speak. 

Listening to business owners and their concerns, even if they don’t hire us in the end, allows us to serve our current clients and future clients better through pure repetition.

Reps is how you get better in pretty much anything. We use our free consultations as reps. It’s really no different than lifting weights or swinging a golf club. The more we do it, the better we’re going to be able to serve business owners. 

We see it as a win for everyone involved. We get some feedback that helps us serve the community better and you walk away with concerns addressed that may have been weighing on you. Many people walk away with a couple ideas that they can implement immediately that will help them.

Ultimately, yes, we want to bring on new clients and this is a tool to do just that and so many other things.

Nope. We’ll let you know what we do and how we’ve done it to help businesses, but banging the desk and screaming at you to ACT NOW for 20% off!?! No, none of that.

Yes. 100% Confidential. We don’t share or sell any information we obtain.

Your consultation with be with Bill Campbell

Bill has over a decade of advertising and marketing experience. A vast majority of that experience comes from one of the most cut-throat industries in the United States – legal marketing.

In addition to his work at OEPMA, he serves as the Marketing Director at Hardison & Cochran, a North Carolina Law Firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Through his career, Bill has placed multi-millions dollars worth of ads both traditionally and digitally, directed short, goal oriented campaigns and built long-term branding campaigns with a track record of success and a return on investment.

Bill resides in Williamsburg, Virginia, but handles accounts in multiple states for OEPMA. 

We don’t place a time on it. We’ll say they average around 30 minutes or so. It could be 20 minutes or if both parties are feeling the flow, it could be an hour. They usually don’t go over an hour. 

Honest advice from our experiences.

We know a lot, but we don’t act like we know it all. We’re not going to give advice just to say we gave advice.

If we feel like it will advance you and your business, we’ll share it. If we feel like we’re not well suited to answer the question, we’ll let you know that, then give you the names of some agencies who would be better equipped to help.

The goal is to help you. We’re not going to lead you astray because we feel the need to answer a question to satisfy our ego.